Cyclopentane CP High Pressure PU Pouring Machine for Refrigerator / Sandwich Panel
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Cyclopentane CP High Pressure PU Pouring Machine for Refrigerator / Sandwich Panel

CYCLOPENTANE high pressure foaming machine is widely used in home appliances refrigerators, freezers, water heater, disinfecting cabinet insulation, CFC-free foam of air conditioning sandwich panel. This machine can meet environment protection requirements of different importing markets in the industry and refrigerating area.


Structural features:

Double mixing, the vertical movement 1.5 meters, the horizontal movement 1.5 meters, 360Kg tanks/only, 99 time point guards, automatic feeding system, for continuous casting tube.


Mix head

High precision L-shaped mix head

High pressure impingement style mixing

Hydraulically controlled sequential operation


Metering Unit

High precision axial piston pump, A2VK

Variable output, robust manual adjustment via handwheel with integral precision measuring scale

Magnetic coupling ensures no material leakage

Digital pressure gauge for controlling pressure


Components Storage and Temperature Conditioning

Pressurized and jacked tanks with visual level tube

Digital pressure gauge for control and visualization of pressure with max. & min. alarm value

Electrical resistance heater and cooling water solenoid valve for temperature conditioning operation


Chiller for option


Electrical Control System

Fully controlled by PLC

Colorful touch screen operator panel for simple and user friendly setting of machine parameter, status showing and pouring time, etc.

Alarm function with acoustic warning and text message

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