High Pressure Pu Polyurethane Integral Skin Foam Injection Machine for Office Hospital Chairs and Seats
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Since a skin foam characteristics: 
1. Low density, light weight, no smell, the surface texture of leather, one piece no difference.

2, the product uses


Since a soft leather products are widely used:
1. Automotive: bumper, steering wheel, armrest mats, car head cushions, shift lever, fenders, overcast flow plate, the instrument panel, air filter, bicycle seat, tractors, off-road vehicles cushion, reaction injection molding products Wait;
2. sports equipment: fitness equipment cushion, backrest, kneeling pads, grips, pedals, bicycle saddles, sports kneepad and so on;
3. Medical devices: one piece dental chairs, surgical table tops edge, hanging racks, wheelchair armrests;
4. Household items: armrest mats, chair legs, decorative items;
5. Other Uses: toys, packaging;

Product  Features of high pressure pu machine:

1.Adopting three layer storage tank, stainless steel liner, sandwich type heating, outer wrapped with insulation layer, temperature adjustable, safe and energy saving;

2.Adding material sample test system, which can be switched freely without affecting normal production, saves time and material;

3.Low speed high precision metering pump, accurate ratio, random error within ±0.5%;

4.Material flow rate and presure adjusted by converter motor with variable frequency regulation, high accuracy, simple and rapid ration adjusting;

5.High-performance mixed device, accurately synchronous materials output, even mixture. New leakproof structure, cold water cycle interface reserved to ensure no blockage during long downtime;

6.Adopting PLC and touch screen man-machine interface to control the injection, automatic cleaning and air flush, stable performance, high operability, automatically distinguish, diagnose and alarm abnormal situation, display abnormal factors;

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