Automatic PU Foam Injection Molding Machine for Memory Foam Pillows

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The equipment consists of a polyurethane foaming machine (low-pressure foaming machine or high-pressure foaming machine) and a production line. Customized production can be carried out according to the nature and requirements of customers’ products.

This production line is used to produce polyurethane PU memory pillows, memory foam, slow rebound/high rebound foam, car seats, bicycle saddles, motorcycle seat cushions, electric bicycle saddles, home cushions, office chairs, sofas, auditorium chairs, etc. Sponge foam products.pillow making1

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  • No. Item Technical Parameter
    1 Foam application Flexible foam
    2 Raw material viscosity(22℃) POL ~3000CPS

    ISO ~1000MPas

    3 Injection Output 155.8-623.3g/s
    4 Mixing ratio range 100:28~50
    5 Mixing head 2800-5000rpm, forced dynamic mixing
    6 Tank Volume 120L
    7 Metering pump A pump: GPA3-63 Type B Pump: GPA3-25 Type
    8 Compressed air requirement                   dry, oil free P:0.6-0.8MPa


    9 Nitrogen requirement P:0.05MPa


    10 Temperature control system heat:2×3.2kW
    11 Input power three-phrase five-wire,415V 50HZ
    12 Rated power about 13KW

    The twenty station foaming line is arranged in a planar ring structure, and the frequency conversion motor is used to drive the whole motion of the wire body through a variable speed turbine box. The speed of the transmission line can be adjusted by frequency conversion, which is convenient to adjust the production rhythm. The power supply adopts the sliding contact line is introduced, the external source of central gas supply, introduced into each frame body through the joint line. In order to facilitate the replacement of mold and maintenance, the temperature control water, cable and compressed air between the various positions of the mold and the connection of the fast plug connection.

    It is Safe and reliable with the mold of airbag to open &close.



    The general frame is composed of a base, shelves, loading template, rotary pin, rotating connecting plate, pneumatic circuit and control circuit, using PLC control, complete mold, mould closing, core pulling, ventilation and a series of actions, simple circuit, convenient maintenance. The mould frame is provided with a pneumatic interface of a core pulling cylinder and a ventilating needle, and the die with the core pulling cylinder and the ventilating needle can be directly connected with a quick connector.

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    SPU-R2A63-A40 type low pressure foaming machine is newly developed by Yongjia company based on learning and absorbing advanced techniques abroad, which is widely employed in the production of automotive parts, automotive interior, toys, memory pillow and other kinds of flexible foams like integral skin, high resilience and slow rebound , etc. This machine has high repeat injection precision, even mixing, stable performance, easy operation, and high production efficiency, etc.


    PU polyurethane foaming machine can be used in the manufacture of PU pillows.This polyurethane material pillow is soft and comfortable, has the advantages of decompression, slow rebound, good air permeability, etc. It is a high-tech material.The size and shape of the PU pillow can be customized.


    Polyurethane Machine For Memory Pillow

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