Compressed Composite Rigid Foam Automatic Cutting Machine With 0.15mm Tolerance

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  1. The whole frame is welded with steel structure the whole machine is in low temperature annealing process, which can effectively eliminate the intermal stress and never deformation;
  2. The maximum thickness of the slice. 150mm,minimum thickness 1mm.
  3. Slice thickness precision up to plus or minus0,15mm, diagonal height error. positive and negative 0.2mm, saw the minirmum height of the platform from the 0. 05mm different materials and different cutting precision. All models can be customized size.

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    Max Working Length 1200mm
    Max Working Thickness 600mm
    Workbench length 3000mm
    Saw size 6130×1.4x27mm
    Saw road 1.4-1.8mm
    Saw wheel diameter 710×40
    Workbench walking speed 0-5m/min
    Saw wheel motor powerpower 0.85kw
    Feed motor power 0.85kw
    Saw wheel motor power 22kw
    Motor total power 23.7kw
    Machine Dimension 7300x2950x2600mm
    Net weight About 5300kg


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