PU Polyurethane Foam Air Filter High Speed Injection Machine Making
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Polyurethane Foam Air Filter High Speed Injection Machine Making

Product Description
Air filter is one of the necessary internal combustion machinery such as a /, with the rapid development of automobile industry, with microporous elastomer polyether type low density as air filter, end cover is widely used in automobile industry.The company developed filter gasket pouring machine has simple operation, easy maintenance, high degree of automation, stable performance.
Specifications of sealing strip casting machine:
1. High precision metering pump, metering precision, precision error is not more than plus or minus 0.5%
2. High performance with drip-proof material mixing device, raw materials out accurate synchronization, mixed evenly
3. The automatic control of mixing head note material time, automatic cleaning and air dry
4. PLC, touch screen man-machine interface, servo system control equipment casting, according to the procedures set by the track mobile, accurate location, can be automatically pouring irregular shape of round, square and special products, high efficiency, reliable performance
5. Can be automatic feeding, loading in alarm, additional features such as automatic cycle, mixed TouShui downtime

Technical parameters of sealing strip casting machine:

Model Flow Proportion Maximum working stroke XXY
YJpu2-lq300-w1 1-8g/s 100:25-40 300*300
YJpu2-lq500-w2 3-18g/s 100:25-40 500*500

The machine model PU20-1 PU20-2 PU20-3
Always spit out quantity 4 to 12 g/s 8-30 grams/SEC. 17-60 grams/SEC.
The largest processing size Length x width 400×300mm 500×400mm  
Round biggest increase
The diameter of
350mm 500mm 500mm
The total power 10KW
The power supply 380V
The compressed air ≥0.6MPa
The machine weighs 550kg
The nose mixed speed 6000 r/min
Mixed way Dynamic hybrid
Container volume 40L-150L
Hybrid range B:A=25-50:100
Measuring accuracy ±0.5%


Fully automatic filter gasket foaming machine is widely empolyed in the production of automobile and industrial filters,home use filters,etc.The machine owns many advantages,such as high repeat injection precision,even mixing,stable performance,easy operation,high production efficiency,etc.


Packing & Delivery

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Yongjia Polyurethane Co., Ltd. is a professional machinery manufacturer in PU industry combined with design, development, production. Founded in 2013, the construction area of over 10,000 square meters, is the China forefront polyurethane technology company. At present our company's products range covers:high pressure pouring machine, low pressure foaming machine, PU spraying foam machine, PU elastomer casting machine, also we customize to make production line according to clients requirement,like in flexible foam system we make the lines: PU shoe /sole/insole production line(Egypt),anti-fatigue mat production line(India),memory pillow production line(Iran),Albania,elastic ball production line(Mexico),car seat and cushion production line(Morocco),PU slow rebound ear plugs line(India);rigid foam system we make the line:PU decorative molding crown cornice line(Saudi Arab), float trowel making line(Saudi Arab, Pakistan), cold storage panel production line(Uzbekistan),sandwich panel production line(Iraq).Elastomer line:forklift wheel casting line(lran);coal sieve screen select line(Russia).

Our Service

1. Professional and patient consulting service to help you find the suitable solution.
2.Further negotiation about the technical details, machine configuration, price basis, payment term and delivery time.
3.Powerful control of the machine production schedule and quality, and keep you posted about details in time.
4.Free training in our plant during machine inspection. Or photos and video of the machine and package for your confirmation before shipment.
5.Quick and safe shipment as per your requirement including the booking ,container loading, and shipping documents.
6.For technical support, we can help you online by email and phone, also we can send technicians to your site if necessary.
7.For the spare parts, we will supply the parts for free during one year guarantee period, also the parts supplying at original cost after that .
8.We give an accessory box for free.
9.We offer development solutions for raw material formulations.
10.If you need to visit the factory, we will arrange for personnel to pick up the airport.

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