High Pressure PU Polyurethane Foam Spray Foaming Machine For Wall And Roof Insulation
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Product Description

    PU and Polyurea material has many advantages such as insulation, heat proofing, noise proofing and anti corrosion etc. Widely used in many areas. Environmental friendly and energy saving. The insulation and heat proofing function are better than any other materials.
    The function of this pu spray foam machine is to extract polyol and isocycanate material. Make them pressurized. So both materials combined by high pressure in the gun head and then spray out spray foam soon.

Main Features of Polyurethane PU Spray Foam Machine:

1.With 160 cylinder pressurizer, easy to provide sufficient work pressure;
2.Small size, light weight, low failure rate, easy operation, easy to move;
3.The most advanced air change mode maximally ensures the equipment stability;
4.Quadruple raw material filter device maximally reduce blocking issue;
5.Multiple leakage protection system safeguard operator's safety;
6.Emergency switch system fasten the dealing with emergencies;
7.Reliable and powerful 380v heating system can heat up materials to ideal state rapidly to ensure normal construction in cold region;
8.Digital display counting system can accurately know about the raw material consumption status in time;
9.Humanization setting equipment operation panel, easy operation mode;
10.The lifting pump has big mix ratio adjusting range, which can easily feed high viscosity material in cold weather.

Detailed Images

Spray Gun

Two different spray guns for polyurethane foam spray machine, left one for foam injection, right one for foam spraying.
The gas spring is designed of the gun shot ensures the shooting Flexibility.
Self-cleaning air, replacement and maintenance easier and faster.

Heating Horse

The heating horse is designed for polyurethane and polyurea foam spraying and casting, no matter polyurethane rigid foam or flexible foam you use,
heated separately with latest wrapped inside heating technology, ensuring the material has best temperature and viscosity before mixing and spraying.

Feeding Pump

Transfer pump are widely used in the industries of chemical, fine chemical, dyeing chemical, and etc and can be applied for transferring mediums such as acid, alkali, salt, oil product, soft drinks, and etc.
These two pump is suitable for polyurethane and polyurea foaming spray equipment.

Moving whee

All polyurea and polyurethane spray coating machine is equipped with 2 or 4 swivel casters for easy handling and movement.

Raw Material Formula Solution Support

We have our own technical team of chemical engineers and process engineers, all of whom have more than 20 years of experience in PU industry. We can independently develop raw material formulas like polyurethane rigid foam, PU flexible foam, polyurethane integral skin foam and polyurea that meet all customer' s requirements.


Spraying PU foam for insulation: building exterior wall coating, interior wall coating, roof spray, truck interior spray, tank body coating, bathtub root spray, industrial anti corrosion, etc.
Sparying for waterproof, anti corrosion and rust prevention: Polyurea and Polyurethane foam spray on roof, truck, pipe, and other products for waterproof, anti corrosion and rust prevention.
Polyurethane Pouring: solar water heater, insulation water tank, cabin, roller shutter door, security door, refrigerator, pipe joints, product packaging, highway construction, wall sound insulation, etc.

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Pre-Sales Service

* Exclusive customer service, providing 24 hours' Inquiry and consulting support.
* Professional team provides the highest quality product solutions including project calculation, construction consultation and so on.
* Factory tour accompanied by explanation.

After-Sales Service

* One year warranty, machine quality problems, free replacement of accessories.
* Freely modify the machine voltage according to customer requirements.
* Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine.
* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

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