How To Standardize The Installation Of Lift Bearings

Bearings in the lift, lift platform plays a very important role in supporting, lift bearings can be divided into: thrust bearings, rolling bearings, spherical ball bearings, sliding bearings, angular contact bearings and joint bearings and deep groove ball bearings and so on type, bearings are generally composed of rings, rolling body and cage, bearing is small, but the role is very large, if the bearing once damaged, it is likely to cause the lift paralysis, so we can see how to install the bearings is very important step. Therefore, the installation of a good bearing is a very important step, the following we will look at the installation of lift bearings what are the precautions?

1, excessive force Installation of bearings is actually difficult to insert them into the shaft pin, but sometimes, some people will think of using a hammer whack to insert the bearing in order to facilitate the installation, the use of brute force in the installation, in fact, with a hammer directly hit the bearing on the bearing damage, is the main cause of bearing damage, reducing the bearing life. So we must not use too much force when installing the bearings, good to pad some soft cloth or cardboard and other things on it beforehand, and then install.

2, the use of tools in the lift bearing installation process, we can not every time to ensure that the bearing installation position is just right, there will inevitably be some installation is not in place or bearing offset, once the installation of these problems, it will lead to the bearing clearance between become too small, so that the bearing inside the inner and outer ring is not in the same centre of rotation. So in the installation of bearings, the use of special tools, is necessary, and in the bearing after installation must also be used to detect the detector, so as to ensure that the bearing installation success.

3, open the package prematurely before we install the lift bearing, do not open the package early, which will easily lead to premature contamination of the bearing, these contaminants are will lead to premature damage to the bearing, there is, when the installation to ensure that the installation environment is clean, do not bring iron filings or dust and dust and other things into the bearing, because even some small dust, long-term down will also affect the bearing between The wear and tear between the bearings will be affected in the long run, leading to a reduction in the life of the lift. It is recommended that after the installation is completed, in the process of use, to often give its lubrication, not timely lubrication is caused by premature damage to the bearings, and then again, do not make the bearings long-term overload operation, which will also lead to premature damage to the bearings.

Post time: Nov-04-2022