Shipment Of JYYJ-3E Polyurethane Waterproof Insulation Foam Spraying Machine

Our urethane spray machine is packed in wooden cases and ready to ship to Mexico. The JYYJ-3E type pu spray foam machine can meet spraying requirements for all scenarios like wall insulation, roof waterproof, tank insulation, bathtub injection, cold storage, ship cabin, cargo containers,trucks, refrigerated trucks and so on.

This is our most economical and popular pu foam spray machine to sell. Thanks for our Mexican customer’s trust.


The heating pipe of the machine is placed on the top of the machine. Our standard configuration is a 15-meter heating pipe. However, if the customer has additional requirements, we can meet it. We can provide additional heating pipes. Of course, this needs to be purchased separately.




Post time: Sep-26-2020