PU Foam In Place Packing Machine

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pu foam packing machine,Within a very short time to provide rapid positioning for large of manufactured goods, fine buffer and space filling full protection,Ensure that the product in the transport.The process of storage and loading and unloading and reliable protection.






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1. 6.15 meters heating hoses.
2. The floor type operation platform, easy installation and simple operation.
3. The spear novel structure, small volume, light weight, simple operation and convenient.
4. With computer self-checking system, fault alarm, leakage protector, safe and reliable work.
5. With foam gun heating device, the user of the “gate” and save raw materials working hours.
6. The preset infusion time regularly, shortcut for manual pouring, easy to save time.
7. Fully automatic operation, automatic cleaning, the pipe is not blocked


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    Number Name
    1 Operating Platform (Optional)
    2 Spray Gun
    3 Balancer
    4 Internal Heating Insulation Pipe
    5 Energy Accumulator
    6 The Master Carton
    7 Charging Basket
    8 Feed Pump
    Models YJPU Liquid pressure 1.2-2.3Mpa
    Power supply 220V,50Hz,<2500W Thermoregulation 0-99°C
    Air pressure 0.7-0.8kg/cm2 Timing scope 0.01-99.99s
    Air flow 0.35m3/min Weight 80kg
    Flow 6-8kg/min  

    Packaging: For various abnormal and fragile articles, such as precise instruments, machines, aircraft instruments, electronic products, communication products, pump valves, pneumatic transmitters, handicraft articles, ceramic utensils, glasses, lighting products, bathing equipments,etc.
    Heat preserving: Water fountain liner, portable electronic refrigerators in cars, vacuum cups, electric water heaters, general equipments, thermal insulation, solar water heaters, freezers, etc.
    Filling: all kinds of door industry, handicraft, articles, flower mud and buoyancy barrels, etc.

    1 1C 3 5 10


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