Analysis Of 6 Core Advantages Of Polyurethane Color Steel Sandwich Panel

Analysis Of 6 Core Advantages Of Polyurethane Color Steel Sandwich Panel

The outer layer of the polyurethane color steel sandwich panel is made of color steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate and other metal materials, the inner layer is made of high weather resistance galvanized color steel plate, and the insulation core material is made of PUR rigid polyurethane insulation foam. Using the principle of rollers, the foaming molding is developed by a continuous production line at one time. Polyurethane color steel sandwich panel is a new type of high-grade building material with rich colors and beautiful appearance, which integrates heat preservation, heat insulation, load bearing and fire prevention.

Polyurethane color steel sandwich panels have the characteristics of fire and flame retardancy, wide temperature range, low thermal conductivity, waterproof and moisture-proof, and simple construction. Therefore, it is widely used in roofs and walls of high-end buildings such as large industrial plants, power plants, hangars, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, cold rooms, purification workshops, and warehouses.

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Six core advantages of polyurethane color steel sandwich panels:

1. Energy saving and heat preservation: the closed cell rate of the core material is ≥97%, and the heat insulation performance is superior.

2. Flame retardant and fireproof: The product has passed the inspection of “National Fixed Fire Extinguishing System and Refractory Component Quality Supervision and Inspection Center”, and the combustion level can reach the corresponding standard of GB8624-2006.

3. Airtight sound insulation: good sound absorption, and can reduce the sound caused by the impact of rain, hail, etc.

4. Beautiful and economical: various surface forms, rich colors, reducing material loss, saving construction time and engineering costs.

5. Fast construction: Polyurethane panels are produced in a highly controlled and constant temperature environment in the factory. The quality is stable, the construction is fast, and the application has been more than 35 years.


Post time: Apr-26-2023