Causes and Solutions of Polyurea Spraying Equipment Faults

Causes and Solutions of Polyurea Spraying Equipment Faults


1. The booster pump failure of polyurea spraying equipment

1) Booster pump leakage

  •  Insufficient strength of the oil cup to press the seal, resulting in material leakage
  •  Long-term use of seal wear

2) There are black material crystals on the shaft

  • The seal of the oil cup is not tight, the booster pump shaft does not stop at the bottom dead center, and the pump shaft stays for a long time after there is black material on the pump shaft
  • Although the oil cup was tightened, the contaminated lubricating fluid was not replaced

2. The pressure difference between the two raw materials of polyurea spraying equipment is greater than 2Mpa

1) The reason for the gun

  • The holes on both sides of the gun head are of different sizes
  • Partial blockage of gun body black material filter
  • The friction attachment is slightly clogged
  • The material channel before and after the raw material valve is not completely blocked
  • The friction attachment discharge hole is not aligned with the holes on both sides of the gun head
  • Part of the gun head mixing chamber has residual material
  • One of the raw materials was seriously leaked at the friction point

2) The reason for the raw material

  • One of the ingredients is too viscous
  • White material temperature is too high

3) Material tube and heating

  • Due to incomplete blockage in the material pipe, the flow of raw materials is not smooth
  • The material pipe is folded into dead bends in many places, so that the flow of raw materials is not smooth
  • The heater sets the raw material temperature too low
  • Raw material pressure gauge failure
  • One of the heaters failed
  • The heater is not completely blocked due to foreign matter
  • The material tube does not match the equipment

4) The cause of the booster pump

  • Serious material leakage from booster pump oil cup
  • The ball bowl at the bottom of the booster pump is not tightly sealed
  • The lower valve body of the booster pump is not tightly sealed
  • The lifting bowl of the booster pump is worn or the supporting part of the lifting bowl is broken
  • The thread of the lower valve body of the booster pump is loose or the lower valve body falls off
  • The top nut of the booster pump shaft is loose
  • The “O” ring at the bottom of the booster pump is damaged

5) The reason for the lifting pump

  • The pump bottom of the lifting pump is not completely blocked
  • The filter screen at the discharge port of the lifting pump is not completely blocked
  • Lifting pump does not work
  • Serious internal leakage of the lifting pump

3. Failure of the lifting pump of polyurea spraying equipment

1) The lifting pump does not work

  • The oil cup is over-tightened and the lifting shaft is locked
  • The crystals on the lifting shaft will block the lifting pump, making the lifting pump unable to work
  • The rubber of the reversing rubber cover fell off, and the “O” type sealing ring was not tightly sealed, so that the lifting pump could not work
  • The material lifting pump is wrongly inserted into the raw material barrel, causing foaming in the pump
  • The black material is solid in the pump and cannot work
  • Insufficient air source pressure or no air source
  • The filter screen at the outlet of the material pump is blocked
  • Air motor piston friction resistance is too large
  • The gun never came out.
  • The elastic force of the lower return spring in the cylinder is not enough

2) Air leakage from the lifting pump

  • Due to long-term use, the “O” ring and “V” ring are worn out
  • The reversing rubber cover is worn
  • Air leakage at the thread of the reversing assembly
  • The reversing assembly falls off

3) Leakage of material lifting pump

  • Generally refers to material leakage at the lifting shaft, tighten the oil cup to increase the compression force on the lifting shaft sealing ring
  • Material leakage at other threads

4) Violent beating of the lifting pump

  • There is no raw material in the raw material barrel
  • The bottom of the pump is clogged
  • Raw material viscosity is too thick, too thin
  • Lifting bowl falls off

4. Uneven mixing of two raw materials in polyurea spraying equipment

1. Booster pump air source pressure

  • The triple pressure reducing valve adjusts the air source pressure is too low
  • The displacement pressure of the air compressor cannot meet the requirements of the foaming equipment
  • The air pipe from the air compressor to the foaming equipment is too thin and too long
  • Excessive moisture in compressed air hinders air flow

2. Raw material temperature

  • The heating temperature of the equipment to the raw material is not enough
  • The initial temperature of raw materials is too low and exceeds the range of equipment use

5. The host of polyurea spraying equipment does not work

1. Electrical reasons

  • The emergency stop switch is not reset
  • The proximity switch is damaged
  • Proximity switch position offset
  • Two-position five-way electromagnetic reversing valve is out of control
  • The reset switch is in the reset state
  • Insurance burnt out

2. Gas path reasons

  • The air passage of the solenoid valve is blocked
  • Solenoid valve airway icing
  • The “O” ring in the solenoid valve is not tightly sealed, and the solenoid valve cannot work
  • The air motor is seriously short of oil
  • The screw at the joint between the piston and the shaft in the cylinder is loose

3. The cause of the booster pump

  • The oil cup can be hugged to death
  • There is black material crystallization on the lifting shaft and it is stuck
  • There is a road that does not come out
  • Black material solidified in the pump
  • The shoulder pole screw is too loose

Post time: Apr-19-2023