Is PU artificial leather necessarily worse than leather?

This may be true for leather products, but not necessarily for cars; while it is true that animal leather looks more delicate and may feel better to the touch than faux leather, animal leather is difficult to ‘shape’. This means that it can only be used to cover conservatively shaped car seats, while the “bucket seats” and “headrest seats” that have become popular in recent years are more exotic in shape, but do look very sporty, so these seats should be made of artificial leather.

car seat1

Faux leather is easy to shape and comes in a wide range of colours, which is not possible with animal leather; that’s why many high-end sports cars also use human leather seats, but it’s not that simple. The high standard of microfibre leather has ideal abrasion resistance and can be folded a million times at room temperature without breaking, and is strong enough not to worry about being easily scratched; the seats in sports cars will always be subject to high frequency and intensity of friction, so it makes more sense to use this material.

Also artificial leather is easier to maintain, unlike animal leather which requires special cleaning agents and has very demanding PH requirements; so using artificial leather will save you some effort and you can always choose a car with very individual seats.

Post time: Dec-28-2022