What is the reason why the pressure of the polyurethane foaming machine fluctuates and the pressure is not enough?

During the use of the polyurethane foam machine, sometimes due to improper use by the operator or some other reasons, some parts of the equipment itself have problems, resulting in mechanical shutdown, such as: the mixing head is blocked, the high and low pressure reversing valve I can’t close these problems, and the previous information has also told you about the solutions to these problems. Today, I will tell you what causes the pressure fluctuations and insufficient pressure of the hydraulic station?

high pressure foam machine

1. Pressure fluctuations in the hydraulic station We often encounter various pressure fluctuations with excessive up and down fluctuations. This is mainly because the air bag of the accumulator is broken or the nitrogen pressure is too small. We can replace nitrogen, full of nitrogen. Note that the nitrogen pressure cannot be too high or too low, and the pressure can reach 100 MPa.

2. The pressure of the hydraulic station is not high. If there is no filter at the suction port of the hydraulic pump that is too dirty, the pump will not be able to absorb oil. Not only will the oil pressure be low, but the wear of the pump will also be accelerated. Therefore, it should be possible to clean the air filter frequently. active element. Increased low pressure is also associated with wear on pumps and relief valves. Due to the design and analysis problems of my country’s economic and social structure, the gear pump used is prone to wear and tear, and we should replace it frequently if it needs to be improved. The safety valve spring is prone to fatigue during long-term capital use and should be adjusted regularly to prevent pressure leakage.

Post time: Feb-17-2023