Understanding The Process Of Polyurethane Panels

Polyurethane insulation board such a material in the actual production process will have a variety of different insulation performance, and this material in the production of time, we should have more understanding of their process, after all, understand the process, to help us better choose the material.

In the process of choosing polyurethane insulation materials, the whole process is basically divided into three different structures from inside to outside. Usually, when they are actually classified, they all have to go through a series of rust removal treatment, and all the processes are good, in the process of processing, to ensure that they can reach a certain standard, the surface roughness, can be enlarged to 12.5 microns, which This is the first layer of the structure, the first layer of the structure is all about waterproofing

The second layer is the insulation layer, which is used for the connection between the whole pipe and the outside, but it is also filled with some foam liquid, which is processed in this way and is used for their insulation.

The three layers of polyurethane insulation boards are processed and selected in a variety of different ways, usually with a plastic insulation layer and a protective layer, which is processed in a variety of different ways to protect it from hard substances.

At the same time, these polyurethane insulation boards are available in a wide range of materials in the actual process, and their function is relatively good

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