PU Shoe Insole Mold

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Sole Injection Mold Mould: 1.ISO 2000 certified. 2.one-stop solution 3.mould life,1 million shots






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Sole Injection Mold Mould:
1.ISO 2000 certified.
2.one-stop solution
3.mould life,1 million shots

Our Plastic Mould advantages:
1)ISO9001 ts16949 and ISO14001 ENTERPRISE,ERP management system
2)Over 16 years in precision plastic mould manufacturing,collected rich experience
3)Stable technical team and frequent training system,middle management people are all working for over 10 year in our shop
4)Advanced matching equipment,CNC center from Sweden,Mirror EDM and JAPAN precision WIRECUT

Our professional one-stop plastic mould custom service:
1)Mould design service and Image design special for our customer
2)Plastic injection mold making,two shot injection mold,gas assisted mold
3)Precision plastic molding:two shot molding,precision plastic molding and gas assisted molding
4)Plastic Secondary operation,like Silk-screening,UV,PU painting,Hot stamping,Laser engraving,Ultrasonic welding,Plating etc.

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  • Mold with pp plastic which means the insole can be easily demoulded without spraying another release agent.





    Mold Type

    Plastic injection mold, overmolding, Interchangeable Mold, insert molding, compression mold, stamping, die casting mold, etc
    Main services Prototypes, Mold design, Mold making, Mold tesing,low volume/high volume plastic production
    Steel material 718H,P20,NAK80,S316H,SKD61, etc.
    Plastic production Raw material PP,PU,Pa6,PLA,AS,ABS,PE,PC,POM,PVC, Resin, PET,PS,TPE/TPR etc
    Mold base HASCO ,DME ,LKM,JLS standard
    Mold runner Cold runner, hot runner
    Mold hot runner DME, HASCO, YUDO,etc
    Mold cold runner point way, side way, follow way, direct gate way,etc.
    Mold strandard parts DME, HASCO, etc.
    mold life >300,000 shots
    Mold hot treatment quencher, nitridation, tempering,etc.
    Mold cooling system water cooling or Beryllium bronze cooling, etc.
    Mold surface EDM, texture, high gloss polishing
    Hardness of the steel 20~60 HRC
    Equipments High speed CNC, standard CNC, EDM, Wire cutting, Grinder,Lathe, Milling machine, plastic injection machine
    Month Production 100 sets/month
    Mold Packing standard exporting Wooden case
    Design software UG, ProE, Auto CAD, Solidworks, etc.
    Certificate ISO 9001:2008
    Lead time 25~30 days

    I don’t know how many friends have come into contact with PU insoles. Compared with traditional insoles, pu insoles have many advantages. Many friends have a different experience after changing to the new PU insoles. Today, I’ll talk to you about the benefits of PU insoles. Which.
    1. Stability: PU insoles will be supported by a rubber material in the back half. The use of this material will have a good support for our heels. A pair of good insoles will support ankles better than ordinary shoes. The support is much better, which everyone can think is incredible, but the facts also prove that a good pair of insoles has such advantages.
    2. Shock absorption: Although many shoes have this function, the effect of the insole with this function is not magnified by one plus one, and the insole is fully fitted to the sole, so the shock absorption effect will be much better.
    3. Correction: Most people did not wear the right shoes when they were young. At this time, Kenneng will have a strange posture when walking, and some even have problems such as inversion, eversion, and flat feet. It is really easy to have bad insole It can cause problems on the feet. In severe cases, there may even be problems with the ankle and knee joints, and even more serious to the waist. Therefore, a good insole is an important point for correcting the problems on the feet.


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