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  1. High Precision: Syringe dispensing machines can achieve extremely high liquid dispensing accuracy, ensuring precise and error-free adhesive application every time.
  2. Automation: These machines are often equipped with computer control systems, enabling automated liquid dispensing processes that enhance production efficiency.
  3. Versatility: Syringe dispensing machines can accommodate various liquid materials, including adhesives, colloids, silicones, and more, making them versatile in application.
  4. Adjustability: Users can adjust dispensing speed, thickness, and patterns as needed to adapt to the requirements of different projects.
  5. Reliability: These devices are designed for stability, ensuring consistent coating quality and reducing material wastage and rework needs.
  6. Wide Application: Syringe dispensing machines find widespread use in electronic encapsulation, PCB assembly, precision assembly, medical device manufacturing, and various other industries.



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  • Model Dispensing robot
    Trip 300*300*100 / 500*300*300*100 mm
    Programing mode Import teaching programming or graphics
    Movable graphics track Point ,line, are, circle ,curve, multiple lines, spiral, ellipse
    Dispensing needle Plastic needle/TT needle
    Dispensing cylinder 3CC/5CC/10CC/30CC/55CC/100CC/200CC/300CC/500CC
    Minimum discharge 0.01ml
    The glue frequency 5 times/SEC
    Load X/Y axle load 10kg
    Z axle load 5kg
    Axial dynamic speed 0~600mm/sec
    Resolving power 0.01mm/Axis
    Repeated positioning accuracy Screw drive 0.01 ~0.02
    synchronous belt drive 0.02 ~0.04
    Program record mode At least 100 groups, 5000Points each
    Display mode LCD teaching box
    Motor system Japan precision micro stepping motor
    Drive mode Guide Taiwan upper silver linear guide rail
    Wire rod Taiwan silver bar
    Belt Italy Lartey synchronous belt
    X/Y/Z axis synchronous belt for standard configuration, Z axis screw rod is optional, X/Y/Z axis screw rod for customization
    Motion filling function Three dimensional space any route
    Input power Full voltage AC110~220V
    External control interface RS232
    Motor control shaft number 3 axis
    Axis range X axis 300(Customized)
    Y axis 300 (Customized)
    Z axis 100(Customized)
    R axis 360°(Customized)
    Outline size(mm) 540*590*630mm / 740*590*630mm
    Weight (kg) 48kg / 68kg



    1. Electronic Encapsulation and Assembly: In electronics manufacturing, syringe dispensing machines are used for precise application of adhesives, conductive pastes, or encapsulation materials. They ensure reliable connections of electronic components and provide excellent insulation.
    2. PCB Manufacturing: During the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs), syringe dispensing machines are used to apply solder paste, protective coatings, and markings, ensuring the performance and reliability of the PCBs.
    3. Medical Device Manufacturing: In the medical device field, these machines are employed for the assembly and encapsulation of medical equipment, ensuring compliance with stringent hygiene and quality standards.
    4. Automotive Industry: Syringe dispensing machines are used in automotive assembly to apply sealants, adhesives, and lubricants, ensuring the durability and performance of automotive components.
    5. Aerospace: In aerospace manufacturing, these machines are used to apply composite materials, sealants, and lubricants to meet extreme environmental and performance requirements.
    6. Precision Assembly: Syringe dispensing machines find applications in various precision assembly tasks, including the coating and fixation of optical equipment, instruments, electronic components, and micro-parts.
    7. Art and Craftsmanship: In the realm of art and craftsmanship, these machines are employed for the precise application of glue, paints, and decorative materials to create high-quality handmade products.




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