How To Make Anti-fatigue Floor Mats With Polyurethane Foam Injection Machine

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Material injection mixing head can freely move forward and backward, left and right, up and down;

Pressure needle valves of black and white materials locked after balanced to avoid pressure difference

Magnetic coupler adopts high-tech permanent magnet control, no leakage and temperature rising

Automatic gun cleaning after injection

Material injecting procedure provides 100 work stations, weight can be set directly to meet the production of multi-products

Mixing head adopts double proximity switch control, which can realize precise material injection.

Automatic switch from frequency converter soft start to high and low frequency, low-carbon , energy saving, environmental protection, greatly reduce the energy consumption

Full digital, modular integration control all process, accurate, safe, intuitive, intelligent and humanization



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  • A set of high pressure control device to adjust and control the working pressure, the pressure is set within 6MPa to 22MPa, when it is over the range, the equipment stop and alarm with displaying the fault message of too high or too low pressure.


    High/low pressure cyclical switch unit control the high/low cyclical switch of the two components, to enable components to form low energy circle and extend machine’s service life. The equipment has 4 sets of high and low pressure switching unit for sharing.


    Hard and flexible pipe form the bracket and mixing head, pipeline layout and length are confirmed according to customers’ s site plan. Material pipes adopt imported high strength pressure pipe to avoid raw materials products quality from being affected by the secondary pollution in the process of transporting.



    Technical Parameter



    Foam application




    Raw material viscosity22℃


      ISO 1000mPas



    Injection pressure

    1020Mpa (adjustable)



    Injection Output

    (mixing ratio 1:1)



    混合比范围Mixing ratio range



    注射时间Injection time

    0.599.99Scorrect to 0.01S


    料温控制误差Material temperature control error




    Repeated injection accuracy



    混合头Mixing head

     Homemade, four oil hoses, double oil cylinders



    Hydraulic system

    Output   10L/min

    System pressure   1020MPa


    料罐容积Tank volume




    POL metering pump

    Gelanrex 11KW




    ISO metering pump

    Gelanrex 7.5KW



    压缩空气用量Compressed air required

    Dry, oil free  P: 0.7Mpa

                   Q: 600NL/min


    温控系统Temperature control system



    输入电源Input power

    Three-phase five-wire380V 50HZ

    Pu in the natural rubber Pu floor mat meaning is polyurethane material. This material is an excellent material for making mats. It is non-toxic, tasteless, and non-slip, not easy to rot, there is an environment-friendly material.

    AIRLIFT-Gray-Anti-Fatigue-Comfort-Mat-for-Stand-Up-Desks-Kitchens-Non-Slip-Waterproof-Polyurethane-Set elite anti-fatigue kitchen comfort mat Medical_box_bottom_left

    Polyurethane PU Desk Kitchen Standing Anti-fatigue Mats DIY

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