Fully Automatic Hot Melt Adhesive Dispensing Machine Electronic PUR Hot Melt Structural Adhesive Applicator

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1. High-Speed Efficiency: The Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Machine is renowned for its high-speed adhesive application and rapid drying, significantly enhancing production efficiency.

2. Precise Gluing Control: These machines achieve high-precision gluing, ensuring every application is accurate and uniform, eliminating the need for secondary processing.

3. Versatile Applications: Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Machines find applications in various industrial processes, including packaging, carton sealing, bookbinding, woodworking, and cardboard manufacturing.

4. Automated Operation: They often come equipped with automated control systems, allowing presetting of different gluing patterns and modes for intelligent and convenient gluing processes.

5. Excellent Adhesion and Strength: Hot melt glue rapidly cools and solidifies after application, forming strong bonds to ensure secure connections between workpieces.

6. Sustainability: These machines are user-friendly, easy to maintain, and offer sustainable production capacity to meet high-volume demands.

7. Variety of Glue Options: Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Machines can be used with various types of adhesives and hot melt glues to meet the requirements of different projects.



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    Model Dispensing robot
    Trip 300*300*100 / 500*300*300*100 mm
    Programing mode Import teaching programming or graphics
    Movable graphics track Point ,line, are, circle ,curve, multiple lines, spiral, ellipse
    Dispensing needle Plastic needle/TT needle
    Dispensing cylinder 3CC/5CC/10CC/30CC/55CC/100CC/200CC/300CC/500CC
    Minimum discharge 0.01ml
    The glue frequency 5 times/SEC
    Load X/Y axle load 10kg
    Z axle load 5kg
    Axial dynamic speed 0~600mm/sec
    Resolving power 0.01mm/Axis
    Repeated positioning accuracy Screw drive 0.01 ~0.02
    synchronous belt drive 0.02 ~0.04
    Program record mode At least 100 groups, 5000Points each
    Display mode LCD teaching box
    Motor system Japan precision micro stepping motor
    Drive mode Guide Taiwan upper silver linear guide rail
    Wire rod Taiwan silver bar
    Belt Italy Lartey synchronous belt
    X/Y/Z axis synchronous belt for standard configuration, Z axis screw rod is optional, X/Y/Z axis screw rod for customization
    Motion filling function Three dimensional space any route
    Input power Full voltage AC110~220V
    External control interface RS232
    Motor control shaft number 3 axis
    Axis range X axis 300(Customized)
    Y axis 300 (Customized)
    Z axis 100(Customized)
    R axis 360°(Customized)
    Outline size(mm) 540*590*630mm / 740*590*630mm
    Weight (kg) 48kg / 68kg


    1. Packaging and Sealing: In the packaging industry, Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Machines are used for sealing boxes, bags, and packaging containers, ensuring the secure and intact packaging of products.
    2. Bookbinding: In the printing industry, these machines are employed for bookbinding, ensuring firm bonding of book pages to create high-quality books.
    3. Woodworking: The woodworking industry utilizes Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Machines for furniture assembly and wood bonding, ensuring strong connections between components and structural stability.
    4. Carton Manufacturing: In the production of cardboard boxes and paper products, Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Machines are used for bonding cardboard to create durable packaging materials.
    5. Automotive Manufacturing: The automotive industry employs these machines for applying adhesive to automotive interior parts and sealants, ensuring the quality and performance of automotive components.
    6. Electronics Assembly: In electronics manufacturing, Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Machines are used for the fixation and bonding of electronic components, ensuring secure connections between circuit boards and components.
    7. Footwear Industry: In shoe manufacturing, these machines are used for bonding shoe soles and uppers, ensuring footwear quality and appearance.
    8. Medical Device Assembly: The medical industry utilizes Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Machines for assembling medical devices, ensuring high hygiene and quality standards.
    9. Paper Products and Label Manufacturing: Used in the production of labels, stickers, and other paper products, ensuring strong adhesion.


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