ABS Plastic Furniture Table Leg Blow Molding Machine

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This model adopts fixed mould open-closing system and accumulator die.Parison programmer is available to control thickness.This model is automatic process with low noise, saving energy,high efficiency, safe operation, easy maintenance and other benefits. This model is widely used to produce chemical barrel, auto parts(water box,oil box,air-condition pipe,aoto tail), toys(wheel,hollow auto bike, basketball stands,baby castle), tool box,vacuum cleaner pipe,chairs for bus and gymnasium,etc.This model can produce max 100L hollow plastic product.


The process of extrusion blow molding:

1. The extruder melts the plastic raw material, and shapes the melt sent to the die into a tubular parison.

2. After the parison is delivered to the set length, the clamping mechanism closes the blow mold and sandwiches the plastic parison between the two half-moulds.

3. Inject compressed air into the plastic parison through the blowing hole to inflate the parison to make it close to the mold cavity.

4. Wait for cooling and shaping.

5. Open the mold and take out the cooled product.

6. Decorate the products, and at the same time recycle the waste for reuse.

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    1. PLC,touch screen,hydraulic system saving energy
    2. parison control system
    3. screw diamter:100mm

    Blow moulding Machine
    Aluminium alloy
    Control System
    Furniture leg


    ABS injection molding machine specializes in manufacturing plastic table legs, chair legs, bed legs and other furniture legs.

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