Ployurethane Imitation Wood Frame Making Machine

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The machine can be used in the production of various imitation wood products, such as doors, architectural decoration corner lines, top lines, bedsides, mirror frames, candlesticks, wall shelves, speakers, lighting accessories, simulated stone decorative panels, various furniture, etc.






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The mixing head adopts a rotary valve type three-position cylinder, which controls the air flushing and liquid washing as the upper cylinder, controls the backflow as the middle cylinder, and controls the pouring as the lower cylinder. This special structure can ensure that the injection hole and the cleaning hole are not blocked, and is equipped with a discharge regulator for stepwise adjustment and a return valve for stepless adjustment, so that the entire pouring and mixing process is always synchronized and consistent, thus ensuring the product quality.
Using high-precision metering pump and variable frequency motor to adjust the speed, the adjustment is accurate, the operation is stable, and the operation is convenient.
The working procedures of pouring, cleaning and air flushing are automatically controlled by PLC program control. The temperature, speed and injection parameters are displayed on the 10-inch touch screen.
Using acid-resistant stainless steel to heat (or cool) the interlayer material tank, the interlayer is equipped with a tubular electric heater, the outer layer is insulated with polyurethane, and is equipped with cooling water inlet and outlet and moisture-proof drying cup interface in the material tank to ensure raw materials. The quality and temperature are stable.

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  • High-performance mixing device, spit out accurate synchronization raw material, mixing
    A new seal structure, reserved cold water cydle interface, to ensure the long time continuous production is not blocked;双组份低压机


    Adopt three layers of material storage tank, stainless steel tank, heating sandwich type, outsourcing insulation layer,the temperature is adjustable, safety and energy saving.



    Pouring PLC touch screen man machine interface control equipment, automatic cleaning and air rushed, stable performance,strong operability, abnormal automatically discrimination, diagnosis and alarm, display abnormal factors.


    Taken the high temperature resistant low speed and high precision metering pump, the matching precision,measurement precision error is not more than土0.5%微信图片_20201103163218


    Technical parameter

    Foam application

    Rigid foam

    Raw material viscosity

    Polyol~3000CPS  ISO ~1000MPas

    Injection output


    Mixing ratio range


    mixing head

    2800-5000rpm, forced dynamic mixing

    Tank volume


    Metering pump

    A pump: GPA3-25 Type B Pump: GPA3-25 Type

    Compressed air needed

    dry, oil free, P:0.6-0.8MPa Q:600NL/min(Customer-owned)

    Temperature control system


    input power

    three-phase five-wire 380V 50HZ

    Rated power

    About 12KW

    Polyurethane wood imitation materials are the best among modern wood imitation materials. It is a medium and high-density rigid polyurethane foam made from polyurethane composite raw materials through blending, stirring, injection molding, foaming, curing, demoulding and other processes. It is often referred to as “synthetic wood”. It has the advantages of high strength, simple molding process, low manufacturing cost, high production efficiency, and beautiful product type.

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