JYYJ-H-V6 Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine Injection Molding Hydraulic Polyurea Spraying Machine

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The technologically advanced and highly efficient Polyurethane Spray Machine is your ideal choice for enhancing coating quality and work efficiency. Let’s explore its remarkable features together:

  • High Precision Coating: The Polyurethane Spray Machine achieves highly precise coating through its outstanding spray technology, ensuring each application meets the highest standards.
  • Intelligent Control System: Equipped with an advanced intelligent control system, the device features a user-friendly interface that makes parameter adjustments easy, enhancing operational convenience.
  • Versatile Applicability: Whether it’s adhesive, paint, or other liquid materials, the Polyurethane Spray Machine demonstrates exceptional versatility, meeting the coating requirements of various projects.
  • Compact Structural Design: The equipment adopts a compact structural design, powerful yet occupying minimal space, providing an ideal solution for limited workspaces.



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    1. Building Insulation: In the construction sector, the Polyurethane Spray Machine is used to provide efficient insulation coatings for walls and roofs, improving the energy efficiency of buildings.
    2. Automotive Coating: Applied to the surface of automobiles, ensuring durable and uniform coatings, enhancing the appearance and corrosion resistance of vehicles.
    3. Furniture Manufacturing: Suitable for coating wood and furniture surfaces, imparting durability and aesthetic appeal to products.
    4. Industrial Coating: For large-scale industrial projects, the Polyurethane Spray Machine offers efficient and precise coating, meeting diverse coating needs.
    5. Aerospace Applications: Employed in aerospace manufacturing for bonding, sealing, and coating composite materials to meet performance requirements in extreme environments.

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