Polyurethane Low Pressure Foaming Machine Integral Skin Foam Making Machine

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The PLC touch screen man-machine interface operation panel is adopted, which is easy to use and the operation of the machine is clear at a glance. The arm can be rotated 180 degrees and is equipped with a tapered outlet.






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Characteristics and main uses of polyurethane
Since the groups contained in the polyurethane macromolecules are all strongly polar groups, and the macromolecules also contain polyether or polyester flexible segments, the polyurethane has the following

①High mechanical strength and oxidation stability;
② Has high flexibility and resilience;
③It has excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance, water resistance and fire resistance.

Because of its many properties, polyurethane has a wide range of uses.Polyurethane is mainly used as polyurethane synthetic leather, polyurethane foam, polyurethane coating, polyurethane adhesive, polyurethane rubber (elastomer) and polyurethane fiber. In addition, polyurethane is also used in civil engineering, site drilling, mining and petroleum engineering to block water and stabilize buildings or roadbeds; as a paving material, it is used for running tracks of sports fields, indoor floors of buildings, etc.

Low pressure foaming machine function
1. Polyurethane foaming machine has the characteristics of economic benefits, convenient operation and maintenance, etc., and can be customized according to customer requirements.

2. Adopt plc touch screen and man-machine interface operation panel, which is easy to use, and the operation of the machine is clear at a glance. The mixing head has low noise, is sturdy and durable, and the imported pump m威而鋼
easures accurately. Sandwich type barrel, good constant temperature effect.

3. Suitable for the production of polyurethane pillows, steering wheels, bumpers, self-made leather, high rebound, slow rebound, toys, fitness equipment, thermal insulation, bicycle seat cushions,
Automobile and motorcycle seat cushions, rigid foam, refrigerator plates, medical equipment, elastomers, shoe soles, etc.


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  • PLC Control System:Excellent quality, easy maintenance, convenient and flexible, stable operation, low failure rate.

    Brand Metering Pump:Accurate measurement, low failure rate and stable operation.

    Mixing Head:Needle valve (ball valve) control, accurate pouring rhythm, full mixing and good foaming effect.

    Stirring Motor:It is suitable for continuous operation with fast and stable speed, high efficiency, low noise and small vibration.


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    Technical parameter

    Foam application

    Integral Skin Foam Seat

    Raw material viscosity(22℃)

    POL ~3000CPS ISO ~1000MPas

    Injection flow rate


    Mixing ratio range


    Mixing head

    2800-5000rpm, forced dynamic mixing

    Tank Volume


    Input power

    Three-phase five-wire 380V 50HZ

    Rated power

    About 9KW

    Swing arm

    Rotatable 90°swing arm, 2.3m (length customizable)


    4100(L)*1300(W)*2300(H)mm, swing arm included

    Color( customizable)

    Cream-colored/orange/deep sea blue


    About 1000Kg

    PU self-skinning is a kind of foam plastic. It adopts the synthesis reaction of polyurethane two-component material. It is widely used in many fields such as steering wheel, instrument panel, public row chair, dining chair, airport chair, hospital chair, laboratory chair and so on.

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