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  1. Exceptional Speed Ratio and High Efficiency: Our mixer delivers outstanding efficiency with an exceptional speed ratio. Whether you require rapid mixing or precise blending, our product excels, ensuring your tasks are completed efficiently.
  2. Compact Structure and Small Footprint: Designed with a compact structure, our mixer optimizes space utilization without compromising performance. Its small footprint makes it an ideal fit for environments with limited workspace.
  3. Smooth Operation and Low Noise: The mixer operates smoothly, providing minimal vibration and low noise levels. This guarantees a tranquil working environment while facilitating efficient mixing processes.
  4. Extended Service Life: Engineered for durability, our mixer utilizes premium materials and robust construction, ensuring a prolonged service life. This translates to long-term reliability and reduced maintenance needs.
  5. Thoughtful Design and Convenient Maintenance: Our mixer features a user-friendly design that simplifies operation and maintenance. Easy disassembly and cleaning ensure hassle-free upkeep, allowing you to maintain peak performance effortlessly.
  6. Superior Cost-Performance Ratio: Striking a balance between performance and affordability, our mixer offers an exceptional cost-performance ratio. Whether you prioritize quality or budget, our product delivers outstanding value.


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    Barrel Volume





    Shaft Diameter





    Diameter of Impeller


    JYYJ1-200 s1-09 0.37-0.55 1000 40-136 18 60-100 20
    JYYJ2-200 s1-0 0.37-0.75 3000 40-136 18 60-150 20
    JYYJ1-250-350 s1-1 0.37-1.5 5000 10-136 20-30 60-250 25
    JYYJ1-350-600 s1-2 1.1-4 8000 36-88 20-78 60-350 35-60
    JYYJ400-900 s1-3 1.5-7.5 10000 36-88 30-89 100-450 40-90
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