High Pressure Foaming Machine For Integral Skin Foam (ISF)

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PU self-skinning is a kind of foam plastic. It adopts the synthesis reaction of polyurethane two-component material. It is widely used in many fields such as steering wheel, instrument panel, public row chair, dining chair, airport chair, hospital chair, laboratory chair and so on.





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1. Overview:

This equipment mainly uses TDI and MDI as chain extenders for the casting type polyurethane flexible foam process casting machine.

2. Features

High-precision (error 3.5~5) and high-speed air pump are used to ensure the accuracy and stability of the material metering system.

The raw material tank is insulated by electric heating to ensure the stability of the material temperature.

The mixing device adopts a special sealing device (independent research and development), so that the stirring shaft running at high speed does not pour material and does not channel material.

The mixing device has a spiral structure, and the unilateral mechanism gap is 1mm, which greatly improves the product quality and the equipment stability.

3. Uses:

Mainly used in the production of polyurethane flexible foam products with TDI and MDI as chain extenders. Such as car seat cushions, memory pillows, steering wheels, mattress sofas, etc.

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  • The equipment is composed of raw material tank, metering pump, material pipe and mixing device to form an open-loop flow control system. The raw materials in the tank are automatically metered by a high-precision aviation pump (adjusted by an energy-saving frequency conversion motor), and then enter the pouring head through the raw material pipeline; when pouring, the head motor automatically starts the mixing head, so that the raw materials are uniformly mixed at a high speed in the mixing bin; , the head programmer automatically closes the injection valve and switches to the backflow state. Adjusting the speed of the variable frequency motor can change the flow rate of the raw material output, thereby controlling the size and ratio of the raw material flow. The machine head is suspended by a spring steel 7-shaped boom, which can be freely rotated 180°, and the upper and lower heights can be flexibly adjusted.

    QQ图片20171107104535 QQ图片20171107104518dav high pressure injection machine

    Power (kW): 9kW Dimension(L*W*H): 4100(L)*1250(W)*2300(H)mm
    Product Type: Foam Net Processing Type: Foaming Machine
    Condition: New Output: 16-66g/s
    Machine Type: Foaming Machine Voltage: 380V
    Weight (KG): 2000 KG Warranty: 1 YEAR
    Key Selling Points: Automatic Local Service Location: Turkey, Pakistan, India
    Showroom Location: Turkey, Pakistan, India Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant
    Strength 1: Self-cleaning Filter Strength 2: Precise Metering
    Feeding System: Automatic Control System: PLC
    Tank Volume: 250L Power: Three-phase Five-wire 380V
    Name: Foamed Concrete Chemicals Port: Ningbo For High Pressure Machine
    High Light:

    Surfboard pu pouring machine

    Rigid polyurethane pouring machine

    Surfboard polyurethane pouring machine

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