JYYJ-QN32 Polyurethane Polyurea Spray Foaming Machine Double Cylinder Pneumatic Sprayer

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1. The booster adopts double cylinders as power to enhance the working stability of the equipment

2. It has the characteristics of low failure rate, simple operation, quick spraying, convenient movement, etc.

3. The equipment adopts a high-power feeding pump and a 380V heating system to solve the drawbacks that construction is not suitable when the viscosity of the raw material is high or the ambient temperature is low

4. The main engine adopts a new electric electric reversing mode, which works continuously and smoothly and is equipped with an automatic reset switch to ensure that the seal is not damaged after shutdown.

5. Rear-mounted dust-proof decorative cover + side-opening decorative door effectively prevents dust, blanking and facilitates electrical inspection

6. The spray gun has the advantages of small size, light weight, high wear resistance mixing chamber and friction pair, and low failure rate.

7. The whole machine is an upgraded version of the 3rd generation product, the design is more user-friendly, and the pressure of the spraying distance of 90 meters is not affected.

8. The heating system adopts the self-tuning Pid temperature control system, which automatically adapts to the temperature difference setting, and cooperates with the perfect temperature measurement and over-temperature system to ensure the precise control of material temperature.

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    Model JYYJ-QN32
    Medium Raw Material Polyurea (Polyurethane)
    Maximum Fluid Temperature 90℃
    Maximum Output 12kg/min
    Maximum Working Pressure 21Mpa
    heating power 17kw
    Hose Maximum Length 90m
    Power Parameters 380V-40A
    drive Mode Pneumatic
    Volume Parameter 680*630*1200
    Package Dimensions 1095*1220*10200
    Net Weight 125kg
    Package Weight 165kg
    Host 1
    Feed Pump 1
    Spray Gun 1
    Heating Insulation Pipe 15m
    Side Tube 1
    Feed Tube 2

    Chemical anti-corrosion, pipeline anti-corrosion, waterproof engineering, theme park, foam sculpture protection, sports engineering, industrial floor, wear-resistant lining, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, etc.

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