Liquid Colorful Polyurethane Gel Coating Machine PU Gel Pad Making Machine

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It can automatically complete the automatic proportioning and automatic mixing of two-component AB glue. It can manually pour glue for any product within a working radius of 1.5 meters. Quantitative/timed glue output, or manual control of glue output. It is a kind of flexible glue filling machine equipment


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  • Tank information:

    • A tank is with mixing unit
    • A tank: 30L, 1PCS and B tank: 30L, 1PCS
    • Tanks are with negative pressure auto feeding system
    • Tanks are with liquid level showing unit tank with 304 stainless steel
    • Tanks remaining material is with auto alarm system
    • Tanks can be vacuum to get out the bubbles inside of the material


    Mixing head details:

    • Mixing head is made of stainless steel and alloy metal
    • The mixing head is static mixing
    • The mixing head is easy cleaning and well sealing


    Stainless steel machine frame, capacity
    Ratio adjustment
    machine gearing ratio/electric gearing ratio
    Mixing type
    static mixing
    Machine size
    Working air pressure
    Working voltage
    220V, 50HZ

    gel pad gel pad1 gel pad3 gel pad14

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