JYYJ-Q300 Polyurethane Insulation Foam Machine PU Sprayer For Insulation New Pneumatic Polyurea Spraying Equipment

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With its high-precision spraying capability, our machine ensures even and smooth coatings, reducing waste and rework. It offers versatility across various industries, including construction, automotive, aerospace, and more. From surface coatings to protective layers, our polyurethane spray machine excels in providing outstanding quality and durability.

Operating our machine is effortless, thanks to its user-friendly design and intuitive interface. Its efficient spraying speed and low material consumption optimize productivity and cost-effectiveness. With our machine, you can achieve faster turnaround times and exceptional finish quality, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Durability and reliability are at the core of our polyurethane spray machine. It is built with premium materials and components, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding environments. Additionally, our machine is backed by comprehensive customer support, including training, technical assistance, and timely maintenance services.


1. Multiple leakage protection systems can protect the safety of operators;

2. The most advanced ventilation method in the world ensures the stability of the equipment to the greatest extent;

3. The quadruple raw material filter device can minimize the problem of spraying clogging;

4. Pneumatic booster device, low failure rate, simple operation, easy to move, etc.;

5. The cylinder and solenoid valve are selected from the international brand “AirTAC”, which is durable and powerful;

6. The 15KW high-power heating system can quickly heat up the raw materials to the ideal state, and work normally in cold areas.

7. Equipped with an emergency switch system, which can respond to emergencies most quickly.

8. The humanized setting of the equipment operation panel makes it easy to master the operation mode.

9. The feeding pump adopts a large variable ratio method, which can also easily feed materials in winter when the viscosity of the raw materials is high.

10. The spray gun has the advantages of small size, light weight, simple operation and better atomization effect.

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  • Power supply three-phase four-wire 380V 50HZ
    Total power 15.5KW
    Heating power 15KW
    Drive mode pneumatic
    Air source 0.5~1MPa 1m3/min
    Raw material output 2~10 kg/min
    Maximum output pressure 28Mpa
    AB material output ratio 1:1

    For spraying:

    Desalinated water tanks, water parks, sports stands, high-speed rail, viaducts, industrial and mining equipment, foam sculptures, valves, workshop floors, bulletproof clothing, armored vehicles, tanks, sewage pools, carriages, pipelines, ore washing equipment, exterior walls, interior Walls, roofs, cold storage, cabins, refrigerated trucks, tanks, etc.;

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    For pouring:

    Water heaters, water tanks, beer tanks, storage tanks, roadbed filling, etc.

    bosch-solar-water-heater door

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