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Our moulds are used to produce floor mats of various styles and sizes. As long as you provide the product design drawings you need, we can help you produce the floor mat molds you need according to your drawings.

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  • Floor mat molds are generally made of steel, which is sturdy and durable, and can withstand hundreds of thousands of repeated pouring. We have professional engineers to provide drawing design service, or if you have your own design, you can also provide it to us, and we will make mold production according to your drawings.

    mat model 9

    Mold Type
    Plastic injection mold, overmolding, Interchangeable Mold, insert molding, compression mold, stamping, die casting mold, etc
    Design software
    UG, ProE, Auto CAD, Solidworks, etc.
    Main services
    Prototypes, Mold design, Mold making, Mold tesing,
    low volume/high volume plastic production
    ISO 9001:2008
    Steel material
    718H,P20,NAK80,S316H,SKD61, etc.
    Production Raw material
    Mold base
    HASCO ,DME ,LKM,JLS standard
    Mold runner
    Cold runner, hot runner
    Mold hot runner
    DME, HASCO, YUDO,etc
    Mold cold runner
    point way, side way, follow way, direct gate way,etc.
    Mold strandard parts
    DME, HASCO, etc.
    mold life
    >300,000 shots
    Mold hot treatment
    quencher, nitridation, tempering,etc.
    Mold cooling system
    water cooling or Beryllium bronze cooling, etc.
    Mold surface
    EDM, texture, high gloss polishing
    Hardness of the steel
    20~60 HRC
    High speed CNC, standard CNC, EDM, Wire cutting, Grinder,Lathe, Milling machine, plastic injection machine
    Lead time
    25~30 days
    Month Production
    50 sets/month
    Mold Packing
    standard exporting Wooden case

    Anti-slip and anti-fatigue mats, high-performance anti-fatigue, relieve the pressure of blood circulation on the feet, and improve the health index and safety factor of employees. Resistant to acid and alkali solvents. It is convenient to clean, easy to move, and does not affect the normal working environment.


    Polyurethane PU Desk Kitchen Standing Anti-fatigue Mats DIY

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