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YONGJIA POLYURETHANE CO.,LTD. is a professional set design, development, production, sales series polyurethane equipment, a combination of material level one of the major entities. Founded in 2013, the registered capital of 10 million yuan

construction area of over 10,000 square meters, is China the forefront of polyurethane technology companies. At present my company's products are polyurethane, low pressure foaming machine, sealing strip casting machine, elastomer casting machine, car seat production line, wall insulation board production line, tile sandwich panel production

line and other automatic production lines and all kinds of Polyurethane related machinery, can provide various types of polyurethane raw materials and MDI.


You can further understand us through the following news and company dynamics. Our customers, no matter what their needs, we will provide 100% of the service.

Committed to enhance the brand image, to achieve customer goals.

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